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[mens shorts wholesale]Original title: 195 people selected the third batch of national “10,000 people plan” teaching masters will receive 500,000 funds (Reporter Wang Jun) Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice, announce the third batch of national ▽☆☆▪”10,000 people plan ●•”The teaching teacher is selected, and 195 people are selected. Notice, the central government will provide $ 500,000 special support for each entry. The 195 teachers selected covers all kinds of schools, including 117 teachers (including ordinary undergraduate colleges, higher vocational colleges), accounting for 60★△★.9%; medium or less schools▪•=■, secondary schools▲▼, kindergartens, Special education schools, etc▷=.) 78 teachers, accounting for 40%○▼△▲. In the age, it is mainly young teacher◁■, including 26 people under 45 years, 46-59 years old□●, average age ?

Original title: Subsidy to the private school, close to the education coupon system to buy a degree in the private school, and the big probability will improve the scale of the educational expenditure, make up for the gap between the national and public average education funds…▪◇, which in turn promotes the equalization of education. ▲ Source=◇★△: Xinhua News Agency Nie Jiming Recently, Shenzhen, in part, the deputy of the deputy of the private primary and secondary schools, and the non-depth family holding a residential certificate will begin to apply for the 2018 degree subsidy. As early as 2012, Shenzhen began a student who met the customers compliance education to study the private school to give degree subsidies. In 2017, the subsidies will be increased to primary schools per year to 7▲☆,000 yuan per year-◇=, and each child is up to 9■☆,000 yuan per year. Compulsory education is the basic public service of the city, providing compulsory education requires cost▽◆▽. ear=▽.

Original title: “Two High▷-” clearly with compressed gases▽△□●, ambiguity, air gun lead▽-=, criminal case, the penalty standard●◆★▼, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing…•, China (Reporter Luosha) Supreme Peoples Court●○, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Joint Publishing “About The criminalization of the criminal case of gun lead bomb criminal cases involving compressed gases=•. The batch was followed on January 25, 2018, the 1732th meeting of the Supreme Peoples Court, on March 2, 2018, was approved by the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, the 74th meeting of the 12th Procuratorate Committee, from March 30-△□△, 2018. Working. Approval requirements, for illegal manufacturing○△, trading▼▷◇◆, transportation, mailing, storage◆◇▲, holding, private, smuggling☆▪▼▷, compressed gases, the behavior of the gun is more powerful○▼•, is decided .

Xinhua News Agency, on August 21 (Reporter Chen Wenguang) reporter learned from the Hunan Provincial Peoples Procuratorate on the 21st that Zhao Wenbin◇★■•, former Deputy Secretary of Hunan City•○, Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee, was suspected of accepting bribes, and the Hunan Provincial Supervision Committee survey ended◁★…, transfer Procuratorate review prosecution. Recently, the Hunan Provincial Peoples Procuratorate made an arrest decision of Zhao Wenbin according to the crime of accepting bribes•…. This case is under further handling■◁…. According to the reporter, Zhao Wenbin served as the secretary of the Kaifu District Committee of Changsha City, deputy mayor of Changsha City, the Standing Committee of the Changsha Municipal Committee, Director of the Party Crafts Committee of the Dahe West●•=, and the deputy secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the Xiangtan Municipal Committee Political discipline, serving with others•▲•, engaging in attack and defensive alliances◇▽, transfer, concealing property, fighting up the organization; violating the spirit of the central provisions, and accepting private business owners to arrange the Go?dark blue flannel jacket bulk jackets for business fitness clothing vendors,