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[material functional fitness]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Pan Wins: Long-term Viewing Mortgage Interest Rate is still at a lower level of Beijing News (Reporter Di) Pan Gong Pan Gong Pan Gong•◁•, the vice president of the Peoples Bank of China, pointed out in this morning, although the recent mortgage interest rate is slightly rise. But from a little longer cycle○△, it is still in a relatively low level. Pan Gun said that in January this year▷■•, the personal housing loans increased by 21.4% year-on-year☆□. The overall loans of RMB loans increased by 13◆★….2%, and personal housing loans were much more than 10 points more than the overall loan growth◆=▽▪. Although the growth of personal housing loans in 2017 and this year has decreased, it is still a relatively fast growth□▲○-, which can meet the reasonable needs of the market. Individual banks are in individual time due to asset-liability matchi.

Original title: Taiwan defense department: nearly 50 Chinese liberation army ships have passed the Taiwan Strait Plan source-★▷: United Daily newspaper on July 22, according to Taime media reports○□•●, Taiwan defense department sources pointed out that the Liberation Army Navy Ship has passed the Taiwan Strait, two days The total number of ships through the Taiwan Strait will be nearly 50-□•, including the ▲•=▼”Chinese God Shield●▪◁•” destroyer. According to the ☆△▪◇”United Daily report” quantiase■◁▽, the Navy Ship☆▼○■, the Liberation Army, the Navy Ship☆▲▼△, suddenly opened by the Taiwan Strait, high-speed through the Taiwan Strait, through the Taiwan Strait, through the Taiwan Strait◆◆▽, nearly 50 According to reports, there is a large ship, including the PLA East Sea Fleet, such as 052C / 052D ▼☆•◆”China God Shield” destroyer, and other models of large tonnes, almost a!

Original title■◆: Sino-TRIC is not going to work for 3 years, still 25,000 laundry China Mid-Truck Co▲…▲., Ltd. (601766■=☆◁.sh, hereinafter referred to as “China Middle Car”) Associated Qingdao Quartet Locomotive Co□◇☆., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ★◁”four) Share •…◇”) An employee still does not work in June 2014, it is still a total of 231,600 yuan for a long time●■•★. The employee is Squiry Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as” Quartet Vehicle ■□-□”) executives. On June 20, the Audit was issued ▽•◁=”China Middle Truck Group Co.■-, Ltd. 2016 Financial Revenge and Expenditure and Execution Audit Results” (hereinafter referred to as “Announcement…•▼”) revealed the above information. The =•”Announcement” disclosed the audit results of Chinas middle cars from the three aspects of integrity○☆==, financial management and management=△•△. Audit discovered,. Women”s T Shirts manufacturers cheap custom tracksuits – white label fashion.

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