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[youth workout clothes]Original title▽◁○△: Every city should be a safe and civilized city of the public. It should not be a “adventure island” that needs to master a variety of safety tips, and it is the public. ▲ On June 8, Guangzhou generic rain◁★, plus water○□…, internal flood. Image Source: Visual Chinese Wen Wen Wens days▪◁◇★, because the typhoon “Ai Yunni” brings heavy rain. There have been three people in the street suspected electric shock death event in Guangzhou, Foshan▪△■, Zhaoqing. Three accidents occurred on the streets of the rain, pointed to the electric shock. This makes many people feel fear, so that many citizens dont dare to go out in rainy days▪■, even if they have to go out, they are a little war…○. After all, in the streets of the city, you can see the public facilities, meter▲□-, meter, a.

Original title: Hong Kong Media said that the first project of China and Britain Construction “Green Financial Center” will report Hong Kong Media on March 29▼▲, and London Financial City has been established with Chinese partners. I hope to subsidize sustainable development projects, and the first benefit project will be the Xiongan New District. According to the Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” website reported on March 27, the move suggests that London Financial City hopes to strengthen business links with China◇•◁▽, and to expand overseas markets before the UK is officially separated from the EU. London Financial City Mayor Bao Manheng (Charles Bowman) said that the new center will cooperate with the Green Financial Professional Committee (Green Gold Committee) of the China Finance Society to develop financial products and participate in a series of projects◁◆★☆. According to reports, he said at a press conference held in Beijing on the 26th that the new center will also participat.

[Born two premiums afraid no one care? Deputy Director of the Safety Tank: The State will formulate zero to three-year-old infant development plan. Wang Peian, deputy director of the National Safety Planning Commission, said in an interview with CCTV reporters that the childhood problem is the general concern of the majority of families. After the implementation of the two childrens policy☆☆•△, Quite a family think about life is not born, it is worried that no child is taken care of in the future•▪. The relevant departments of the National Health and Sports Committee, the Ministry of Finance▪◁◆△, the Ministry of Education••, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs are stepping up investigating research. Based on the extensive in-depth investigation and research●-, we will develop our national infants (mainly 0 to 3 years old). Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Huo ▲□-.