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aircool merch – breathable fleece jacket,[blank satin jackets]Original title: Womens Day, Chaoyang Court made female safety tips: 2 to 4 oclock in the morning, the Beijing News News (Reporter Liu Yang) March 8th Womens Day is about to come■△•, Beijing Chaoyang Court combed in the jurisdiction, Make a female safety tips▼□•. The New Beijing News reporter learned that it is easy to encounter in violation during the absence of the statistics of the case. According to reports, at 4 oclock in the morning last year, Ms•○. Xu called a windmill by the dripping taxi, from Chaoyang District to Daxing District•△, the driver is a man Cai, when arriving at a remote place, the driver Cai Ms○☆◇◆. Xu◆☆▼-, who is victims◆=, threatened by the weapon, and forced relationships. After the victim alarm▷•●. Finally…◁▼, Cai was sentenced to punishment with rape. In another case, at 3 am△▼, Ms. Li Ms◁■▷★. Li is on the roa.

Original title•▼▽: The first urban special ship ■◇■”National Guest No◁…□-. 9□☆○◆” todays first sailing (Figure) This news (Reporter Ye Xiaoyan) 9●●◇:30 this morning, Tianjin Binhai New District International Cruise Mother Harbor Pier, with a whistle Ring, a ship anchor called “Nabi No. 9″ sailed, carrying the bone ashes and the dead relatives to the sea○-. Since 1994☆◆■▷, this city has carried out ashes seaweed events, this is the 447th sea, which is different from before★▽•▲, riding today is the countrys first ashes seaweed special ship▼=☆, starting today, ashes seaweed will all ■◆▽”No=▽★. 9” completed. This morning, Tianjin Port is slightly mist, like a faint sadness◆□, surrounded by “Nabel 9″•…. At 9 oclock▪☆☆, the first batch of ashes from Beijing arrived in Tianjin Port, more than 140 deceased relativ•☆=.

China Xinwang Yangzhou May 27th (Reporter Cui Jiaming) Yangzhou is collecting “Marco Polo Cup” China s Grand Canal Trail Works. On the 27th, the relevant person in charge of Yangzhou Public Foreign Affairs Association introduced that this activity is in the Chinese Public Foreign Affairs Association, Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Association and other support△▷•, by Yangzhou Public Foreign Affairs Association▪○, Yangzhou Tourism Association, Yangzhou Canal Cultural Investment Group and Yangzhou World Canal History The Cultural Urban Cooperation Organization Cultural Development Foundation is hosted to share Chinese culture to the world and talk about the story of the Grand Canal. Yangzhou is the origin city of Chinas Grand Canal, the largest city of the Grand Canal, the largest city and the World Heritage point of the Grand Canal●▷◇▼, is also the only whole domain in Chin royal blue suit women active usa wholesale! satin letterman jacket