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[whole leggings]Original title: “Two High” clearly with compressed gases▷◁□○, ambiguity, air gun lead, criminal case, the penalty standard•-, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, China (Reporter Luosha) Supreme Peoples Court•-, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Joint Publishing ▪●▽”About The criminalization of the criminal case of gun lead bomb criminal cases involving compressed gases. The batch was followed on January 25○▪☆, 2018, the 1732th meeting of the Supreme Peoples Court△•◁, on March 2■▲, 2018□▽, was approved by the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate□■▽, the 74th meeting of the 12th Procuratorate Committee, from March 30, 2018. Working■…. Approval requirements▽…, for illegal manufacturing, trading, transportation, mailing=★, storage◆◁▪◇, holding, private, smuggling-•●▪, compressed gases, the behavior of the gun is more powerful, is decided ?

Original title▼◇○: My hero▽•▼◁, Hentu◁◁△•, go home. According to the No★●-▼. 2, China Manned Space Engineering Office, after the monitoring analysis of Beijing Space Flight Control Center and relevant agencies, around 8:15 on April 2, Tiangong No. 1 target aircraft has rented the atmosphere, and then in the South In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, most of the devices are destroyed in the process of re-entering the atmosphere. Western aerospace programs represented by Apollo shine in pursuing, and Chinas Tiangong No. 1 even if it is burning==◆●, it is unable to brighten the darkness of ideology. Drawing: Jiang Ze Tiangong No.1 is the first manned space test platform in my country◁☆▪…, from 21:16=☆, 2011○□○★, 21:03☆☆, 03 seconds from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center▲◆, design life for two years, actually in track four Senior and a half years▷△-, overseas development and carry out multiple expansion technolo□◁?

The 400□▽,000-ton ore ship from Brazil is the first to operate on the No◆○. 9 Luo Yuki Port. Cai Wei Total Luota Port Harbor held its first-rewarded ceremony. 蔡昊摄莆田Luo Yu Port became the first in Fujian, the sixth of China to meet the worlds largest 400,000 tons of ore boat loading and unloading▽☆◆◇. Cai Hao, on May 26th, Fujian Port Group Putian Luotang Port 400,000 ton wharf is built◇•○=, from the 400,000-ton ore ship from Brazil, is the first tolerance of Luo Yuki, No. 9 berth and smooth operation. Luo Yu Port became the first in Fujian, the sixth of China to meet the worlds largest 400,000 tons of ore boat loading and unloading. [Editor★…▼: Li Yu•■◆▪.

China New Network Yancheng May 28 (Recognition Screen) On May 28, Jiangsu Province Moral Model and Good Peoples Scene Exchange Activity Entered the Salt City Tinghu District…▽=. For a good mother who took care of the son in 49●…, after retired, he helped more than 100 good grandmothers who left behind and dilemma, sitting in a wheelchair to serve more than 20 million people in a wheelchair .•◆.…•. their story touched the tears of the audience◆-●◇. Point, the residual applause will sound from time to time. Jiangsu Province Moral Model and Good People (Yancheng · Tinghu) live exchange activities by the Ministry of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee▲◁, Jiangsu Provincial Civilization Office, Jiangsu Provincial Midea Foundation●=◆•, three-dimensional show filial piety love, honesty and trustworthiness△◇•▽, help people for the musi△▲.

Original title: Fujian: It is planned to include a “blacklist▷□◇-” in the “blacklist” in the “Blacklist”, and Zheng Guozhang, the legal representative of Fujian, was sentenced to five years six months. Prior to this, the Director of the Dragon Municipal Committee of the Longhai Municipal Committee of Fujian Province, and the staff of the staff, Wu Zhizhong, who were sentenced to the Zheng Guozhang and others, and were sentenced to eight years in prison, bribers and bribers were punished▪□. This is the requirements of the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels in Fujian Province, earnestly implement the requirements of the •=▷”bribery bribery☆◇”, according to the supervision permissions given by the supervision law, to the □▷○▷”surrounder●●==” and the “surrounder▪◁…” bright sword△…. “Adhere to the bribery bribery, let the bribers and bribers pay the price, compress the hunt and the” Well be hunt The build space■◁△. “Fujian Provincial Committ.