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[75 polyester shirts]Zhongxin Net Ningde May 27th (Ye Mao Wu Yunjie) On the 26th■•=☆, ●▪▽=”China has about Ji-Meng Fujian” 2021 international media theme interviewing activities into Fujian Ningde City, from the central and local news website reporters▽•▽…, foreign media stationed in China The reporter▽△•■, participated in the group of more than 40 people in Chinas foreign online celebrities, and visited the local development and change in the countryside. Xiqi Village is the pure fishing village of Fuan “Lianjia Ship People”…•▽. Beginning in the late 1960s, ○☆□”Lianjia Ship People” has been sporadic. But because there is no money, the degree of education is low, in addition to fishing without other specialty, the life on the shore is also not good, they return to the old days of “Lianjiao Ship!

Original title: The first urban special ship “National Guest No. 9” todays first sailing (Figure) This news (Reporter Ye Xiaoyan) 9:30 this morning, Tianjin Binhai New District International Cruise Mother Harbor Pier, with a whistle Ring, a ship anchor called “Nabi No. 9-=” sailed, carrying the bone ashes and the dead relatives to the sea•◆•△. Since 1994◇▽◁★, this city has carried out ashes seaweed events, this is the 447th sea□▽◇, which is different from before…◇□, riding today is the countrys first ashes seaweed special ship-●▷◁, starting today□◇○, ashes seaweed will all “No. 9•◇……” completed. This morning, Tianjin Port is slightly mist, like a faint sadness, surrounded by ■▷”Nabel 9•■”. At 9 oclock☆=◇-, the first batch of ashes from Beijing arrived in Tianjin Port, more than 140 deceased relativ.

Original title: Minister of the Ministry of Education Meets with Korean Deputy Prime Minister and Municipal Ministry of Education, Jindixun Xinhua News◇▽□○, Seoul•=▪, March 27, March 26, Minister of Education, Minister of Education visited the Korean Ministry of Education, and the deputy Prime Minister of South Korea and the Secretary of the Ministry of Education talks. Chen Baosheng actively evaluates the results of the education exchanges in China and South Korea. It means that both parties will strengthen communication and coordination, through the promotion of higher education policy dock▽▷, vocational education cooperation=▼, adolescent sports exchanges, inheriting the friendship in the Chinese and South Korea. Jin Xiangkun welcomed Chen Baosheng to visit, said that it is willing to meet the Chinese, and join hands to further deepen education cooperation between the two countries. Subsequently, the Minister of Education witnessed the signing of the China Ministry of Education Examination Center and the Korean Education Curriculum Evaluation Institute. During the Korean period▼◆-◁, Chen Baosheng also visited Hanyang Universit.

Original title: Yang Zhiji○◁◇▲, member of the Party Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture▽…▲-, nominated that the director of the selection of Yang Zhizhi March 26th, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture held a seating cadres. Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee▪▼☆, Minister of Propaganda▪■, Wang Yanwen=•☆, Minister of the United Front☆▲, attended the meeting and speaking. Tang Qun◁◁••, the Ministry of Organization of the Provincial Party Committee★●…, read the provincial party committee decided: Comrade Yang Zhipiji is a party secretary of the Provincial Department of Culture, nominates the selection of the Provincial Department of Culture, and Comrade Xu Yaoxin is no longer serving the Director of the Provincial Department of Culture, Party Secretary. Xu Yaoxin presided over the meeting▷○▽▷, Yang Zhizhi, Xu Yaoxin first made a statement. Wang Yanwen pointed out that in recent years, the Provincial Department of Culture adheres to the new development concept, and vigorously improve the level of cultural undertakings and cultural industries▲☆-. Cultural leadership and cultural soft strength are further enhanced▲▼□-. In order to promote Jiangsu culture high-quality development in the forefront Active tribu. bulk wholesale clothing distributors in indiabest varsity jackets.

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