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[tshirt manufacturer]Original title: Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Team: Does Not Algorithm to Remittence “Cione” video legal evening newspaper • View news news, on the morning of April 3, 2018, Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps held a press conference, notified the past In the first quarter•★□, the investigation and punishment of cultural markets■□, involving evil cultural products that endanger children◇•••, a total of more than 40 enterprises, and the website may not algorithm as an excuse, related=○●, recommend “cult” video, game◇…. At the beginning of 2018, the Beijing Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Team (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Team••-“) found a large number of childrens cult products on the Internet…▲▪, and then UNIC News Office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Security Corps launched Beijing online game Violation of violations and bad content centralized rectification special action..

Original title: Military experts: US military or increase ship crossing Taiwan Strait frequency DDG65 Ben Wilde DDG-89 Mascine [Global Network Military July 9 Report Global Times Special Reporter Li Qiang Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan] US military reception The actions of the two destroyers crossing the Taiwan Straits have attracted extensive attention from the outside world. These two ships belong to the seventh fleet of the US Navy, which is located in Yingquta○…◆, Japan△•▲, is the “Berk” level◆◆, is the most destroyer of the US Navy○=▽★. The US ship crossing the Taiwan Sea, the choice of troops can be described as careful, which indicates “I am coming” to the mainland…▽■, and trying to avoid over-stimulating the mainland. But the military experts in the mainland believe that future US Navy may increase the frequency and force of the Taiwan Strait▼=☆□. Pass two “Berke” levels have deep.

China Xinwang Xining May 27th (Li Jiangning) reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department on the 27th that the Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department organized experts to study the transformation and industrialization of enterprises in the Western Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd., Qinghai Province Study and development of the preparation process technology of the chirlad oxide product production was examined. According to reports◁•◁, magnesium oxide crystals are widely used in high-temperature superconducting, medical equipment, semiconductor, optical and many other high-tech applications. The project was used to produce high-purity hydroxide-magnesium oxide produced by salt lake chlorocene stone, using process technology such as light burning○▪, pressure ball◁△▷•, ultra-high temperature electric arc furnace, producing high-purity oxide crystal crystal materials▽○◇, filling the domestic use of salt lake halogen-magnesium resource preparation orders Chooxidati●▼.