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[luxury clothing manufacturers]Original title: Norwegian Finland will travel to Chinas new corridor in the Arctic Circle…▲…? [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] Recently, located in Norway, Norway•●, Finland announced that it plans to build a railway in the Arctic Circle, open the transportation line of the existing railway network in Finland to the Arctic Ocean=○△, and is considered the European □▼”Arctic Corridor•☆◁” plan See the prototype. In this blueprint▪…, Finland will become a hub on the ☆◇▷”Arctic Silk Road”-◆…☆. According to Xinhua News Agency, the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the Ministry of Transport and Communication, which plans to build a railway in the Arctic Circle•□, connect Norwegian Hilkenes▷▽, Rovaniemi, Finland (Rovaniemi, Luova). Leni is located in the Arctic Circle, East 25 ° 44 , north latitude 66 ° 30, is the capital of Lapland-▪◆•, some people also call Finla.

Original title=■: Cheng Zhongji, the director of the Peoples Bureau of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, Yin Guangli no longer served on March 12th, the Anhui Provincial Party Survey Research Office held the General Assembly of the Organs, announced that the Provincial Party Committee on the Bureau of the Provincial Party Committee is mainly responsible□▽=▼. Comrade Directive Decision Decision-◇☆. Zhu Chunxu, a member of the Provincial Party Committee•■, and the director of the Provincial Talents Office, attended the meeting and speaking. Cheng Zhong did a speech, Yin Guangli presided over the meeting. Zhu Chunxu read the appointment and dismissal decision of the provincial party committee at the meeting●•: Comrade Cheng Zhongcai was the director of the Provincial Party Survey Research Office■◇, and Yin Lu is no longer serving as the director of the Provincial Party Strike Research Office-•○. Zhu Chunxu pointed out that the provincial party committee is satisfied with the work of the Provincial Party of the Provincial Party Committee in recent years, and the work of Comrade Yin Lu is affirmative◇○=. The provincial party committee believes that comrades of Cheng Zhongchang have been suitable for the Director of the Provincial Party Committee, and the provincial party committee believes in comrade!

Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Jia Zhangke: Bringing the global quality cultural resource back home Shanxi Jia Zhangke speaking at the group consideration. Shanxi News Network-Shanxi Daily Map ▲▼□●”In the past, I brought the story of Shanxi to the world▷▼=. Now I have to bring the worlds quality cultural resources back to my hometown▷▼.” March 6th, the National Peoples Congress★=☆, the famous director Jia Zhangke is interviewed When I expressed myself to the heart of the boxing of the hometown. Jia Zhangke has been engaged in movie work. Now it will move the center of gravity. Shanxi•◁, founded a Pingyao International Film Exhibition in the year, and built a rural art center and seed cinema in Xiangyang…▲=▪. “The purpose of this is to bring excellent cultural resources to the grassroots, bring to small towns…○★.” “The past cultural resources are mainly concentrated in big cities□◆-, now Chinas social developme ski pants manufacturer fitness zip up hoodies – oem camo hunting jackets ski jacket custom customized varsity jackets,!