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[black flannel jacket]When did the original title are c919? Director General Designer▼□: In 2021=•, the first user delivered the first user on March 9th, the National Peoples Congress, the news center held the second ■■”representative channel” centralized interview activity in the north side of the central hall of the Great Hall of the People★◇▷, invited Zhang Workers▽●, Yuan Tongli, Yang Mao Rong, Dong Mingzhu•-, Wu Guanghui★•▽●, Lei Jun=★, Zhou Guangquan, Zhang Anti, Fu Xinping, Han Deyun and other representatives received interviews. There is a reporter asked questions about the highlight of C919. The National Peoples Congress representative…◁•◁, deputy general manager of China Commercial Aircraft Co○●▼◁.=…=●, Ltd., the general design of the C919 large passenger plane◁▲…, Wu Guanghui, a Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that C919 is not only beautiful◇★▼◁, but also beautiful▽◆★, cockpit Human machine is highly fused, and advanced technical materials are selected△•▽◁. It is expected to deliver the first 20•★!

Original title●■: Bai Yansong member-△: How many graduates are in non-famous schools●●◁◆, this unfair short board•■…, the first standard of Bai Yansong committee is “less hot”. He thinks that hot topics can do it in TV programs○▲☆▽. He said: “There is a lot of attention▼…◆, then I will hide a little.” However, this year=★=, the two sessions…▽▪, Bai Yansong proposal about “Double First Class” (World First-class University and First-class Discipline), but not so that you set standard. Because◆=◁○, “Double First Class” has been attached to the date of the proposed□☆▪-, and the 19th National Report and Government Work Report==-◆. But he cares-…, but it is the cold side of this “hot topic” – no non-famous university included in “Double-first”. He believes that education authorities cannot light “double-first-class” construction, but also to improve the construction of famous schools☆=▼●, th.

Original title: This years pension increase is determined to be 5%, this years pension increase is determined to have a decline in the third consecutive year; the two sectors require the adjustment of the basic pension to retirement to retirees this years pension increase It is about 5%. Yesterday, the Ministry of Human and Sociality announced the “Notice on the Basic Pension of Adjustment of retirees in 2018″ (hereinafter referred to as ◆▼”Notice”)▼□=•. Notice is clear●☆▼, from January 1☆◆, 2018-□•, for the end of 2017◁□-▽, the retirement personnel and organ business unit retirees will increase the basic pension level, and the overall adjustment level is retired in 2017=▲. The monthly per capita basic pension is about 5%. Notice is clear, unified adja. wholesale suppliers in canada hemp clothing wholesale apparel wholesale distributors wholesale cloth face masks,